Forest-to-Faucet Partnership: University of Massachusetts Amherst/U.S. Forest Service

Avril de la CretazAvril L. de la Crétaz, Ph.D.

Avril L. de la Crétaz is a Research Associate and member of the Graduate Faculty at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She received her Ph.D. (2000) from the University of Massachusetts in Forest Ecology. She holds undergraduate degrees from Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio (history, 1967) and Keene State College, Keene, NH (math/physics, 1983), a M.A.T. degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (1972), and a M.S. in environmental studies from Boston University (1993). She taught mathematics at the secondary level for six years and has been a teaching assistant and instructor in undergraduate ecology courses.

In her dissertation research, she studied the interaction of deer browsing and fern invasion in the 55,000 acre Quabbin Forest, the primary watershed for the metropolitan Boston water supply system, and tested strategies for the restoration of the forest understory. Since 2001, Dr. de la Crétaz has worked in the field of forest hydrology and watershed management, specializing in the area of land use effects on water quality.

In addition to her work with the Forest-to-Faucet Partnership, Dr. de la Crétaz is working on the ecological land type association (LTA) mapping for western Massachusetts with the U.S. Forest Service, Durham, NH and a long-term ecological monitoring project with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and other cooperators.