Forest-to-Faucet Partnership: University of Massachusetts Amherst/U.S. Forest Service

This series of presentations relates to and builds upon the common theme of forest and water resource conservation. The presentations often include and emphasize the historical context and precedents for challenges and opportunities as well as an appeal to use deductive reasoning and well-founded generalizations to inform management and policy decisions.

Our recent book (de la Crétaz and Barten, 2007) provides a comprehensive review and synthesis of the literature and a widely applicable watershed management guidelines and recommendations.

To download the Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe (*.pdf) files to your computer, right-click on the file name, click on "save target as", then designate a directory where you wish to save the file. The pdf files ("title" notes.doc) accompany the slides and can be used to review the presentation or as a presentation script. Appropriate attribution is expected by the author(s) when slides and/or notes are used in reports, publications, or presentations.